In 1973, Panda Inn opened as a local Chinese restaurant in Pasadena with big dreams. Today we’re happy to announce our newest location in Koreatown.

The Future

As the world is constantly changing, the way we eat & dine has shifted to a simple tap on a screen. That is why Panda Inn Koreatown will be our first ever Delivery-Only Service

As Always

Every order is freshly prepared by our chefs using only the finest ingredients ensuring our guests have an exceptional Asian dine out experience.

Chef’s Story 

Chef Liang and I, both Yangzhou natives, were born to a family of chefs that loved food.  Interestingly, while we did not know each other in China, we each spent years in Yangzhou under the tutelage of a master chef perfecting the unique flavors of Yangzhou cuisine, which combines the best elements of northern and southern Chinese fare.

Guided during the day by masters of Chinese cuisine and improving our art by night with the daily feedback of our food-obsessed families, we each have had a long, personal history with Chinese cuisine. When I immigrated to the United States in the early 1990s I wanted to maintain my deep connection with my home and that is how I met Andrew Cherng, a fellow Yangzhou native and founder of the Panda legacy.

Soon after Chef Liang immigrated to the United States and joined us at Panda Inn. Together, we pooled our passion for fine Chinese cuisine and have been acquainting our guests with Yangzhou comfort food and other favorites such as Orange Chicken, Panda Beef and Honey Walnut Shrimp ever since.

We’ve spent decades perfecting each dish and we’re happy to share that one of our secrets to making each mouthful a delight is to cook each dish to order and to use only the freshest ingredients available. We hope that you join us as we bring a taste of China to your home.

– Chef Chen and Chef Liang